The power of lust

Love Passionate Couple at sofa bed : Stock Photo

Whaccha ain’t know ’bout a guy is the Absence of mind in the presence of lust…these days lust is now mistaken for love. ”The time you set your eyes on her you felt like making her part of your story….(all bullshit story)…’the girl is deceive’ because of misunderstanding..she never knew that what you really meant was to ”use her” ”dump” and later in time when you are gisting with your be like ”oh i remember one girl..the first time i set ma damn eyes on her i was f***ing in love…

Question: where is she now?

answer: oh i don’t know, i left her few years ago..

isn’t she now part of your story?

Girls, be wise don’t be deceived….think thrice..


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